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This tutorial goes into detail on the process I use for painting my style of painted furniture, like the pieces I've featured above. It covers everything from finding furniture, the initial prep work, the painting process to the final clear coat.  This is information that I've spent years refining and will save you many hours of mistakes and heartache.  This includes the names of the products I use as well as links to my suppliers and the techniques that I use.  Short videos too! 

This does not cover using chalk paint.  As you can see from my work, I'm not a chalk paint user- far from it! This tutorial also does not cover any of my other products- only painting furniture and indoor accessories.

I should note, the products I use are available in the United States.  I'm not sure of their availability in other countries. I can make suggestions as to what qualities to look for if you can't find the specific products where you live.  Talk to me- I'm here to help!

I previously offered this tutorial with personalized Q and A from me.  I am not in a position to do that at this time.  Hence the reduced price from my prior listing.

Furniture Painting Tutorial

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