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Lisa Frick has been an active participant, patron and student of art as long as she can remember. From as early as grade school she had dreams of opening a retail shop while she was creating macramé plant hangers and free form fiber sculptures. Throughout high school she could be found in the art department working on murals for the prom, pottery or drawing. After high school she learned to airbrush T-shirts, moved to Lake Ozark and then realized her dream by opening her first retail store-Frick & Frack- at the age of 21. A few years later, she opened the Lisa Frick Gallery- a fine American

craft gallery which operated for 13 years. Through all of this she utilized her airbrush skills to paint photo realist airbrushed paintings and murals. She then added studio oil paintings, plein aire paintings, whimsical canvases, and the painted furniture she is producing today.


Lisa was born and raised in Washington, Mo. where she grew up spending her weekends in the garden or on horseback at her grandparents' farm. Her grandmother's gardening instruction and inspiration continues to this day and grows into her own gardens. Not only an artist, she has an insatiable desire for the outdoors and adventure. Her adventures have opened the doors for many opportunities, including working 1400’ underground on a film crew for the National Geographic ‘Mysteries Underground” special, and many trips to back country Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Thailand

and Peru. She currently lives and works in her studio in the woods near her hometown in Marthasville, Missouri.


In addition to being a painter and adventurer, Lisa recently completed a 30 year run as the proprietress of three boutiques at the Lake of the Ozarks.  The first, Frick & Frack, was a colorful ‘hippie’ store, which fulfilled her whimsical side, open for 30 years.  The second being Artsy Fartsy, which fulfilled her need to be surrounded by beautiful and fun art.  The third was the Lisa Frick Gallery, which featured fine American Craft and art, nestled in a quaint rock house.  She studied art at East Central College and University of Missouri, Columbia.



How do I commission you for a custom order?


Give me an email or call and we can start the conversation. We will discuss your furniture needs, budget and time frame.

There are many factors to consider and this is best discussed on a person to person basis. 573-216 3922,


Can you make another piece just like one that is on your site, but has already sold?


I can do something similar provided I can find the same (or similar) piece of furniture. No two pieces are exactly alike, but I can work with similar color combinations and patterns. Each piece is unique and an original. I do occasionallydo sets of pieces; for instance, two lamps that match each other. But I

don’t make the exact same piece twice.


Where do you get the furniture?

Do I have to provide it?

Do I have to ship it to you?


Lately I've been finding furniture through I've had really great luck with them, their customer service is great, plus they offer free shipping on items over $50. (This saves you the shipping from them to me, you will have to cover the shipping from me to you.) The pieces come un-assembled to me, I paint, assemble for a photo shoot, dis-assemble and ship to you. The pieces are packed really well and the package is smaller and a LOT cheaper to ship than an assembled piece. I save all the packing material and re-use it so you save on packaging costs.  (If you have a favorite supplier, I'm ok with using them too).  

On Wayfair, you can refine your search buy size, wood, finish, price, etc. on the right side of the webpage. I recommend all wood- as MDO or pressed board will not hold up over time. If it says manufactured wood, look at it really close. Check their reviews as sometimes manufactured wood is particle board, sometimes it's not. Click all of the wood finishes as they are going to be painted over anyway and you will get a larger selection this way. Be sure to read the reviews, there’s a lot of helpful information there.


Check out the "customers also viewed" suggestions too... You might find something that will work that is just a little bit outside of your parameters. If you want to give me an idea of what you are looking for I can take a look too. I'm getting pretty good at weeding out the non-functional pieces, the ones you wouldn't want to spend the money on having

custom painted.


What if I already have a piece that I want you to paint?


I've pretty much stopped re-furbishing used pieces as they usually need repairs, have 'mystery' finishes and are difficult and expensive to ship. I'll do them for local customers, or if you are willing to deliver and pick up, but I try to stay away from shipping them. If those concerns aren’t a bother to you, get in touch with me and we can talk about the logistics.


How do you price your furniture?


My prices are loosely based on square footage of coverage, details, style of painting, materials, etc.


Is shipping to me, included in the price?


No it is not. I can give you a shipping quote at the time of purchase or when you commission me to custom paint a piece.


Do you charge Tax?


I have to charge 6.725% tax on all sales within Missouri.
On sales outside of Missouri, I do not charge tax at this point.  This will adjust as the tax law change.


What type of payment do you accept?


For online purchases I accept PayPal. If you're more comfortable giving me your credit card number over the phone, I can run it through Square. I also accept good ’ol American cash.


What kind of paint do you use?
How do you prep and finish the piece?


I use a professional primer, acrylic paint and clear coat on all of my pieces.


Do you give lessons or give out specifics on how to go about the process of painting furniture?


At this time, I do not give lessons, but I do have a tutorial for sale here on my web site. The tutorial also comes with 30 days of personalized Q & A where you can ask me specific questions about the issues you may be having with your project.


When my husband and I started looking for an unusual table and chairs for our breakfast nook we never imagined that we would receive something so beautiful. Working with Lisa wasn't just easy; it was enjoyable. She took every idea we had and improved upon it. She took into consideration our likes and tidbits of personal information and gave us a table with many hidden treasures. Hidden within the bubbles and waves are the names of our 7 grandchildren and their birthdays! No one would ever see them without knowing they are there but my grand kids love being a part of this piece of art. I don't think the photos do this set justice. Every fish, piece of coral, seaweed or shell has amazing detail to it. It is beyond stunning! We skipped a vacation this year to purchase this set and I am so glad that we did!

Elizabeth M.

“After a busy grand opening, I wanted to let you know that the Lisa Frick furniture was a huge hit. People couldn’t believe the unique whimsical designs. The colors are clearly eye catching. The two Taste The Story benches look amazing. 


I admire them every day since they are key to our brand. The dining table, with its unique design and colors is at the center of our showplace. It’s so beautiful, we don’t let people sit on it. This reminds me of my grandmother not letting anyone in her living room.


The kids’ set is so precious. It brings back so many memories for our women guests of course. But everyone can relate to the vibrant colors and their childhood days. The console table with the tier table is absolutely gorgeous. We love it. It’s practical and we use it in our display room. People cannot believe the quality.


On behalf of Doreen and Christine, I can’t thank you enough. You delivered on everything we asked and every single piece was delivered on time. The quality is superb.

Finally, I just wanted to thank you for being such a great friend and coach throughout the process. You are the best. I would absolutely recommend you with the highest stars. Feel free to use us as a reference.


All the best. Your best fans.

Tom and Doreen LaSorda

"Lisa Frick has an uncanny ability to 'see' what I have in mind, then she creates it--an extraordinary talent!! Over the years she has created nature scenes with oil on canvas, plates for light switches and electrical outlets and furniture for me. ALL of her works of art are my favorites, adorning my home AND my life. Every time I share my vision, her creativity, client focus and attention to detail creates amazing art!! Lisa 'up cycled' three pieces of bedroom furniture recently. They are beautiful, one-of-a-kind and funky, bringing a smile and joy as I awake each day. Thank you Lisa for sharing your talent!!"

Mary Kausch

“I Loved all of the items I requested. I requested a rather large order to be painted (five pieces); Lisa was very professional and quick with communication. She worked with me to ensure the colors I wanted worked well together, while still giving me what I asked for. The pieces were better than I could have imagined.”



I loved working with Lisa and I LOVE my new table and chairs. I highly recommend Lisa!!!!! She was incredibly easy to work with, she did always what she said she would, she really wanted to deliver EXACTLY what I wanted. Truly a first class person and a FIRST class job!!!! Thanks SO much Lisa!!!!!”



“If I could leave fifty stars, I would. Due to a dumb mistake on my part, this package shipped to my old address (we recently moved). I cannot thank Lisa enough for the way she jumped on this to help me, even though it was entirely my fault. Long story short: I have long admired her work and now I will forever sing her praises for her service. Extraordinary is the only word that comes anywhere near enough. You won’t ever beat this combo!”


Cathy M.

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