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These Totems are all individually made and hand painted by me.  Craftsmanship takes time, but it's worth it!  I realize the ship time on these is long, but I will ship earlier if I can. I have listed them with a long ship time frame in case of supply delays and material shortages due to Covid19 and global supply chain issues.




 ***PLEASE NOTE ***  Due to shipping costs, I do not ship outside of the Contiguous United States.  If you are from Alaska or Hawaii and wish to purchase my item, please message me for a shipping quote.  If you live in AK or HI and purchase my item without agreeing upon a shipping cost, your order will be cancelled and refunded.


Totems are made to order, I can generally have them ready for delivery in 6-10 weeks.


Two color schemes are available, the "Earthy" color scheme which consists of mustard yellow, burnt orange, brick red, dusty blue, plum, etc., and the "Bright" color scheme consists of vivid shades of lemon yellow, tangerine orange, lime green, magenta, turquoise, etc.  See the product pictures for examples of these color palettes. 


My garden totems are hand painted on 4" x 4" Western Cedar. They are not the mass produced vinyl wrap on a PVC plastic pole.  Each one is different, each one is unique, how ever they will look very similar to the ones pictured.


They add a great splash of color to your garden either as an accent or the centerpiece.  They are protected with a UV protecting marine varnish to help prevent fading and to ensure a long life.  However- to prolong their vivid color, I recommend placing them in a shaded area and that you store them indoors in the winter months when the sun is at it's harshest.  


The Mini Totem Measures  32" from the base to the top of the ball.
The Small Totem Measures 41 inches from base to top of the ball.
The Medium Totem measures 54 inches from base to the top of the ball.  
The Large Totem measures 65 inches from base to the top of the ball.


Each Totem comes with a piece of re-bar that is to be driven into the ground, leaving 10" above ground.  Each Totem is drilled 10-12" deep into the base to then slide over the exposed re-bar.  You can then push and pull to get them "plumb"  The only tools you will need to install are a heavy hammer to drive the re-bar into the ground and a level would be handy for plumbing it up.





Garden Totem | Garden Art | Hand Painted | Preorder | Free Shipping!

PriceFrom $170.00
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