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ATTENTION! This is an EXAMPLE of my work. This specific piece has been sold and is no longer available. It is pictured here as a portfolio piece to show potential clients an example of my work.


The listed price is an estimated DEPOSIT to get started on a custom piece for you. Please contact me for details on reserving your spot in my queue for having a custom piece of furniture painted.


If this listing is purchased without contacting me first, your order will be canceled and your money refunded. It is mandatory that you communicate with me first before ordering a custom piece.


The cost of this listing serves as an estimate of what the DEPOSIT could cost. Your actual deposit cost and final cost will likely vary.


I have prior client’s pieces listed to show what is possible with my style of painted furniture. These are one of a kind pieces that are placed in someone’s home. While I can do something similar, I don’t do the exact piece again. All pieces are different.


My pricing depends on several factors- The square footage of the piece to be covered, the level of details like spindles and how much area is to have highly detailed artwork, shipping costs and of course the initial furniture price. I ask for 1/2 of the estimated price (furniture cost + painting cost) up front as a deposit and to hold your place in my queue, with the balance plus shipping due upon completion. I order pieces un-assembled, do my work on them, assemble and do a photo shoot, then un-assemble and pack in the original box and packing material to ship. This saves you a lot in shipping and is also safer for the piece. Shipping a fully assembled piece can be very expensive and there is a high risk of damage.

Once your piece is started, I communicate often and send "work in progress" pics as I work so you can see how the piece is coming along.


At this point in time, my queue has pretty long with a wait of over a year. I apologize in advance for this wait and ask for your patience as I slowly make my way back to my studio. My husband recently suffered a major health issue and I am his sole caregiver which has severely limited my studio time. I want my furniture painting to be a joy, not a chore.

Hand Painted Peacock Themed Side Table, Preorder, Hand Painted Furniture

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